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We are now well established as part of the exciting Engine Shed development at the historic gateway to Bristol - Brunel's Temple Meads Station. This exciting new hub also houses the Bristol SETsquared Centre, a co-working space, business lounge and the offices of Invest Bristol & Bath.

In 2014 we ran two programmes of 10 fresh new startups with exciting ideas for new apps and web services and give them a home, some money and 10 weeks of intensive mentoring from a diverse team of Bristol based experts. At the end of each programme we co-hosted a demo day where each startup pitched their world changing idea to a room full of potential investors, the first real step in a journey that could lead to becoming the next big thing....

Having completed two busy programmes in 2014 and incubated 20 great startups our 2015-16 programme is up and running with five new companies.

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We begin with a group of fresh web startups selected through online application and a rigorous interview day. We are looking for belief in the idea, a strong team and a willingness to grasp this opportunity to change their future. There are also two specific selection criteria: the startup must be developing an app or web service and have a commitment to Bristol both for the duration of the programme and into the future. We believe Bristol is a great place to build a new business and we are looking for people who agree!
Over the programme we will establish the startup as a proper company with shareholders agreements and protect any unique intellectual property or design. Then we will drill down on the big idea and test it thoroughly bringing in our external mentors as required.Finally the real work can begin, building a slick demo or better still a minimum viable product (MVP) to test with real customers. As well as tech and business help, startups will benefit from the marketing and presentation skills of the mentors.
So that the founders can focus purely on their business idea for we invest approx £10,000. In exchange our investors take a 10% equity stake in each company which gives us a great incentive to see you succeed and become the next hot internet start-up. And we won't abandon you after the programme, providing lots of help and assistance with all the challenges of what we hope will be rapid growth.


Fund 1 Jan 2014

Fund 2 April 2014

Fund 3 Nov 2014


Feel you are missing out on the fantastic returns currently being achieved by web companies but worried you wouldn't be able to pick a winner? WebStart Bristol offers the opportunity to invest in a growing portfolio of new app and web service startups.  We have chosen to partner with the Seedrs investment platform and sucessfully raised £450K in 2014.


  1. The WebStart Incubator is now full but feel free to submit for future programmes.
  2. We will only consider applications from startups that are planning to develop apps, websites and web services for rapid deployment, not product development or agencies please.
  3. You and your fellow founders must be available to work from our offices in the Engine Shed during the programme and will be expected to observe normal office hours as a minimum.
  4. If you are in full time employment or education during the period of the programme it is unlikely you will be selected as we are looking for 100% dedication to making your startup a success.
  5. During our selection process we are looking primarily at the founders not the idea.  Do you have the motivation, belief and skills to drive your startup forward?  Do not apply unless you really believe in yourself and your fellow founders.  A great team can survive a weak idea but even the best idea won’t survive a weak team.
  6. An ideal startup would have two or three founders with a range of backgrounds, skills and experiences.  We will consider applications from founders who have got no further than having an idea to those who have spent a year bootstrapping their company.
  7. We will consider applications from anyone from anywhere but we need to see a commitment to live in Bristol during the programme and if successful, to keep the company based in Bristol during the next stage.

Founder 1 (main contact) - name , age, address, email, mobile, LinkedIn

Founder 2 - name, age, address, email, mobile, LinkedIn

Founder 3 - name, age, address, email, mobile, LinkedIn

The 5 line pitch

Existing Company - If you have already setup a company give details including company name, when incorporated, address, website, etc

Other Commitments - Do any of the founders have other commitments during the 10 week Programme or immediately after?

Startup Name - If you have one…. website, Twitter, Facebook etc


MikeJacksonWebstart Bristol is the brainchild of Bristol based entrepreneur Mike Jackson. Since selling his previous company and moving to Bristol from London in 2005 Mike has looked at many different investment opportunities. With a strong tech background having built and run web sites for Microsoft since 1994, Mike saw that investing in a single app or web service can be very high risk.

Reading an article about the original Silicon Valley Internet Incubator, Y-Combinator, in 2011 convinced him that this was the safest route for investing. He then found that existing UK based incubators were mainly in London and required investment through a funding vehicle, not directly into the startups themselves, making it difficult for investors to benefit from the all important SEIS tax relief.

With the establishment of the Engine Shed, Mike saw that Bristol now had the perfect venue for an internet incubator and after assembling a team of top Bristol based mentors and business advisors, Webstart Bristol was born.

Mike is the full time mentor in residence and is determined to make Webstart Bristol the best internet incubator in the UK.



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